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The winter / spring collection is here!

After months of hard work and anticipation, the Form Winter / Spring collection is finally here.

As a relatively small company we’re proud to be able to make some big changes to our product line:


The Winter Spring collection sees the introduction of rectangular mats - a Form first. Made from the same high-performance material as the round mats, the mats are perfect for anyone looking for a lighter mat or a mat for very tightly packed classes.

High-performance is one of the cornerstones of the Form ethos, so much like it’s round counterpart, the rectangular mats have their own grid, designed and tested to improve alignment and consistency in every workout.

3 new beautiful patterns available in circle and rectangular

The iconic circle mats return in 3 glorious new designs. Escape to nature or the bright lights of the big city with Tropic, Leaf and NYC.

As with our rectangular mats, our round mats are made from high-performance, sustainable rubber and microfibre and are perfect for those wishing to create a home workout space or use in classes.

The essential collection

This winter, we launch the essential collection: a series of rectangular and round mats in single block colours. With the same high-performance material but a more understated, classical look, there is a style to suit everyone.

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