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Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2019 - gifts that don't cost the Earth

As Christmas fast approaches, it can be overwhelming trying to find that perfect gift for others or deciding what to ask for. It's especially difficult as the environmental impact of our gifts is an ever more important consideration.

We've looked high and low to find our favourite sustainable gift ideas which won't cost the Earth:

Plantable Greetings cards

Check out these plantable cards from Bonjour Bloom - most cards don't have the best environmental impact - they use energy to make, often require trees to be chopped and are basically single-use: often thrown away after just a few weeks. Instead give your loved one a card that keeps giving all year long - simply soak the card and place under a thin layer of soil and you'll soon have flower loved by bees and butterflies instead!

6 for £16 by Bonjour Bloom

Beeswax food wraps

Foil and cling film aren't great - they're usually single-use and can be difficult to recycle. Instead Beeswax wraps are a beautiful, sustainable solution to protect your food. They can be used indefinitely and add a bit of character with their funky patterns and designs. We especially love the Christmas themed designs below.

£10+ (for 3) by Beeutiful Wraps

Coconut bowls

Got a friend who loves their smoothie bowls in the mornings? This is the gift for them. Not only are these awesome bowls made from coconuts extremely sustainable, but they look (and feel) luxurious too.

From £8.95 by coconutbowls.com

Reusable water bottles

Reusable metal bottles have been popular for a few years now but they still make an awesome gift. With plenty of styles to choose from there's always a design to suit.

From £17 by Chilly's

Vegan apple and wood leather wallet

We hadn't heard of apple or wood leather either until we came across these amazing wallets. Apple leather is created using 50% apple waste and 50% polyurethane to create a soft but durable material. The leather up-cycles unused Italian apples and creates a new material that has considerably less CO2 impact compared to others faux leathers on the market.

£59 from Wearth London

Metal snack boxes

As handy as plastic boxes are, they use a fair amount of plastic and often don't last that long. A fantastic alternative are these 'Elephant Boxes' - long lasting metal food boxes which won't stain or carry odours.

From £12.50 at Elephant Box

Form yoga mats

It wouldn't be a sustainable gift guide without a Form yoga mat - made from recycled materials, recyclable / biodegradable and carbon negative, you can work up a sweat knowing your mat is doing its bit!

From £45 on our online shop.

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