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Our favourite home workout videos

Updated: Apr 27

With gyms and yoga studios closed around the world it can be challenging to keep up our workout routines. Until the studios reopen, we've been trying out as many home workout apps and online classes as possible.

We've pulled together a list of our favourites from yoga to strength and cardio and even a few challenging pose tutorials. We hope they help you stay healthy during this challenging time.

We've split the videos into 6 sections:

  • Beginner yoga

  • Intermediate yoga

  • Advanced yoga

  • Strength workouts

  • Cardio

  • Pose tutorials

Before we get stuck in, a quick tip: if you really enjoy any of these videos - head to the channel that posted it, there you're likely to find more of the same style.

Beginner yoga

20 minute beginner yoga workout

45 minute yoga for beginners

60 minute beginner flow

Intermediate yoga

30 minute intermediate yoga class

45 minute intermediate yoga flow

60 minute intermediate yoga class

Advanced yoga

20 minute advanced yoga workout

35 minute advanced vinyasa yoga flow

60 minute advanced yoga flow

Strength workouts

20 min bodyweight workout

30 min advanced power flow

40 minute bodyweight strength workout


10 minute cardio workout at home

10 minute killer bodyweight workout

20 minute fast-paced yoga workout

30 minute HIIT workout

Pose tutorials

Head stand



Dancer pose

Hopefully you found a video or two to keep you moving! If you're looking for more articles to support your home workout, checkout the home yoga section of our blog.


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