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Om? What?

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

OM. The strange, mysterious word that we hear regularly in the world of Yoga. But what does it mean and why do we say it? Starting at the back of the throat and rolling forwards across the tongue to the front of the mouth and the lips, this short syllable gives rise to all audible sounds in the human language. In sanskrit the 'O' is actually spelled 'AU' making 'OM' 'AUM' which represents the 3 fold-division of time and, well, everything!

'A' - represents the waking state, 'U' is the dream state and 'M' is the state of deep sleep. We can see each of these elements represented in the symbol of 'OM':

The waking state (A) is represented by the large bottom curve.

The dream state (U) is symbolised by the middle curve.

The state of deep sleep (M) is signified by the upper curve.

The dot denotes the fourth date of pure consciousness - the ordinary state.

Who knew there was so much meaning wrapped up in those two little letters? 

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