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More home yoga, cardio and meditation videos

A few weeks ago we shared some of our favourite home workout videos. During this challenging time it's important to keep moving at home - it helps us fight health conditions and diseases, it improves mood and reduces our susceptibility to depression while boosting energy and helping to promote deeper sleep.

Meditation is well known as a powerful tool to manage stress and anxiety while also reducing memory loss and promoting emotional awareness.

We've gathered a few more of our favourite videos to keep you healthy and happy 😊.


Home Yoga course

We're a big fans of Yoga with Adriene and have shared her videos before. We'd recommend this 30 day course - a great routine to stick to and look forward to.


Yoga for complete beginners (22 minutes)

1 Hour Beginner Yoga (54 minutes)


Intermediate Level Vinyasa (37 minutes)

Fun Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class (55 minutes)


Advanced / Intermediate Yoga Flow (22 minutes)

Intense power yoga (72 minutes)


Full body HIIT workout (15 minutes)

Dance workout (28 minutes)

Burn 600 Calories in a 60-Minute Workout (62 minutes)


Meditation for Anxiety (14 minutes)

Body scan meditation (15 minutes)

Sleep meditation (10 minutes)


Our favourite home workout videos (part 1)

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6 Exercises to Build Strength at Home on Your Mat

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