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Home yoga series: apps and videos

We know a lot of people like to do yoga at home: either to supplement classes, or as 100% of their practice. With this in mind we created the Home Yoga Series; a series of articles to help you make the most of your Form mats, round or rectangular, when working out a home.

This week's post looks at mobile apps and YouTube videos to get you on that mat in the living room in no-time!


Down Dog

This is great, easy-to-use app which allows you to set the type of practice, the difficulty and the length of the workout. The app has the option to have spoken instruction, like a real class, and also has great background music to get you into flow. The app is free on iOS and Android with the ability to buy the Pro version with more features

Visit the website here.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a similar app to Down Dog with guided classes; although slightly more tricky to set up, it has 'programs' of classes such a guide to learn the splits or a 'zen quest'. The app is also free on iOS and Android with the ability to buy the Pro version with all programs unlocked and more music options.

Visit the website here.


YouTube is a great resource to find home yoga classes, with videos available to suit every ability. Once you have found a channel you like, there are often hundreds of hours of videos in the back catalogue to work through, with new workouts added weekly.

Here are a couple of channels to get you started:

Yoga With Tim

This channel has a range of videos from beginner's series to 30-day challenges, to more advanced poses like headstand or handstands. The videos are often shoot in interesting locations like the video below shot on a sunny pier:.

Visit the channel here.

Yoga By Candace

Yoga By Candace has a great range of videos from short beginner videos (including yoga in bed!) to core workouts and arm balances. The videos are sorted into playlists on length, body part focus, time of day and difficulty to easily find something that suits you. Candace provides really good instruction to help you move between positions successfully.

Visit the channel here

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene is one of the most popular home yoga channels on YouTube and for good reason; there are a huge number of videos available with something for everyone. From longer workouts to useful themes such as 'Yoga on the road' or more specialist topics such as yoga for runners / triathlons. Watch out for Benji the dog who sometimes makes an appearance in the background!

Visit the channel here.


Home yoga teacher visits


If you'd like some hands-on guidance with your home yoga practice, My:Method run one-to-one classes from the comfort of your home. We're pleased to offer readers of the Form Home Yoga Series 10% off one-to-one classes. Head over to their website now to book, use code: MMFORM10. Valid until 31st December.

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