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Form 360: Mind, Body, Soul, Nutrition

At Form we believe a holistic approach to health and wellbeing is vital. However, we know this isn’t always easy. Information we are provided with online is ever-changing, leaving us confused as to whether what we are eating really is good for us or whether we have been heavily influenced by those with vested interests in new products/fads. Ensuring that we have the most up-to-date and factual resources and information can be hard, so we have developed a new approach helping you to simplify every element of your health and wellbeing.

Form 360 takes you back to basics, taking 4 key elements: Mind, Body, Soul and Nutrition.Each week we will highlight 4 key thoughts/actions to help you to nurture each of these aspects of your health and wellbeing, ensuring you can make small steps of progress every week. We believe that every week should start on a high, creating new resolutions for ourselves and forever building and strengthening good habits that allow us to form a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Remember: it takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break habit.

This week we focus on 4 simple ideas to get you started:


Today we are surrounded by pressures to follow a certain path in life, behave a certain way and make the 'right' decisions, leaving not much room for taking risks, being creative or being your true self. If we continue like this the world will be a very dull place. We need flare, colour and uniqueness in our worlds to inspire each other and to be happy. This week, consider what makes you, you. Be confident in yourself and your abilities to take a leap of faith; be yourself, everyone else is already taken.


The Power of Plank. Plank, not one of the most exciting exercises you can do but potentially one of the most beneficial, and the beauty of it is that you could do it for just 1 minute a day, everyday and reap all the rewards. 1 minute, can be squeezed into your day, no excuses! It can tone your tummy, reduce back pain, increase your flexibility, improve your balance and posture and also improve your mood - do it as soon as you wake up for that early morning feel-good feeling.


Many of you may not need extra encouragement to increase your caffeine intake, but perhaps we could be a little more mindful about when we decided to get that extra hit of energy in our day. Did you know that two cups of coffee post-workout can reduce muscle pain by 48%? Combine this caffeine intake with increasing the amount of protein in your diet to aid your muscle recovery after a particular hardcore workout. Ready to go again tomorrow!


Gratitude. Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have heard many people talking about the benefits of practising gratitude and keeping gratitude journals. Well, this isn't just another fad health craze, it has actually been proven that being gracious makes us happier. Spending 5 minutes a day writing down what you are grateful for can actually increase our long-term happiness by 10%, which is apparently the same  amount of extra happiness we gain if someone doubled our income! Grab a pen quick!

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