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Eco-watch: from Lego to Tesla, recent sustainability news

This article is part of the Eco-Watch series; read the last article in the series here.

Lego's sustainable pieces made from sugarcane

The company behind everyone's favourite toy has announced the introduction of pieces made from sugarcane. The blocks are made from 98% polyethylene derived ethanol produced from sugarcane.

The new material, although not biodegradable, is more environmentally-friendly than standard plastic due to the CO2 absorbed as the sugarcane grows. Lego is initially rolling out the material in its plant-shaped bricks and plans to use the material in most of its bricks by 2030 as part of a company-wide drive towards sustainability.

UK Fisheries Bill will protect marine wildlife

As part of the additional control Britain will receive as a result of Brexit, the UK government has announced a new framework for fisheries management outside the [EU] Common Fisheries Policy.

This will control the volume of fishing in British waters with strong protections for marine life, hopefully helping fish stocks recover.

Electric car maker Tesla pulls into profit

Elon Musk may have been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, but his electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla recently made headlines with good news. Tesla, which is leading the electric revolution in the automotive industry, posted a surprise quarterly profit of $300m for the three months to September.

This is positive news as it demonstrates EVs can be profitable for car manufacturers, helping to speed up the transition away from conventional fossil fuel vehicles.

MEPs back a zero-carbon emissions target by 2050

The EU has approved a wide-reaching strategy for 2050 aiming for a net-zero carbon economy “as early as possible”. This is a major step towards achieving the Paris Agreement's aim of limiting global warming by less that 2°C.

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