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Before you head off on a fitness retreat this year: READ THIS

Before we head out to our fitness retreats this year, we had some burning questions about what we should be packing and what to do if we're going solo. Who better to ask than the creator of one the most exciting fitness retreats available? Ina Plesca of New Horizon Escapes answers our questions and gives her top tips and advice for those of us heading to sunnier climates this year.

My gym kit is all over the floor, I’ve pulled out my swimming kit and some factor 50 - what else should I pack?!

Ok so we usually send out a pdf file of things to take when you come away with us. Of course we usually promote organic SPF if possible ;) We also advice to bring out loads of active gear, a couple of pairs of trainers, a water bottle (because we just hate plastic pollution), some evening wear, sandals, a couple of pairs of sunglasses, lots of smiles and positive vibes (are a must) ;)

What if I am tired one day and just want to lie on the beach with a mojito? Will I have to do punishment burpees?

Well I guess you will get punished with 1000 burpees (just kidding). Our retreats are all about balance, we never force anyone to do something they don't want to do. All of our activities are non obligatory, people can either join us during workouts and outdoor activities or they can just soak in the sun with a mojito. It's totally cool with us, and if we weren't working we may join you ;)

I’ve never been to Thailand, will there be time to explore?

When myself and Adam sit down to create the schedule for a retreat, we always take into consideration the fact that people are here on holiday. We usually do some exploring with our guests anyway, but we also have a list of things to do in case you want to go and explore on your own. Every location we choose for a retreat is well investigated by us, which means we know all the cool local things to do. We can even help you organise your trip. Quite often we have guests who are either travelling prior to coming away with us or after. So we will suggest and give ideas for their trip.

I go to the gym, but what if everyone is fitter than I am?

That's totally ok. We have guests with all fitness levels and we usually provide workouts to suit everyone.

My friends aren't keen, can I come along on my own?

Yes totally, in fact 70% of our guests travel alone. We usually set up a private Facebook page to each retreat so that our guests can ask questions and so that they can connect with each other. A lot of our guests will fly together or travel for a few days together. it tmakes travel a lot less daunting for those who have a fear of travelling alone and it gives people the opportunity to connect before they meet.

So, if you are looking for an exciting fitness retreat destination this year, then get yourself booked in with New Horizon Escapes. Don't forget to share your adventures with us - we love to follow what you're up to!

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