The Form round mat creates a large open space, allowing you to take your workout in any direction. Perfect if you are feeling a little creative with your workout. This large space means more time spent on the mat and no need to turn during classes.


Aside from the many symbolic meanings attributed to circles, a body of research has proven the positive effect round shapes have on the human mind. Circles have been shown to help increase focus and evoke feelings of completeness which can be helpful in exercise such as yoga and during meditation.


The classic. The Form rectangular mat provides extra length for core strengthening exercises like plank and for classical yoga flow.


This traditional mat shape will fit in perfectly with your current routine, providing a great space in any location.


A light-weight, long yoga mat that lends itself well to travel and will fit nicely in your suitcase, ready to be unrolled for that much-needed, post-flight stretch.






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