Where better to gather your thoughts and gain a little perspective than at the top of the mountain?


We know that creating the right environment for your workout is key if you want to get in the right frame of mind. That's why we've created Aerial: space for you to build strength, condition your muscles and work on your stamina, preparing you mentally and physically to take on any challenge.

The design is completed with the iconic Form Grid, allowing you align your mind and body in a way that truly transforms your season.

Aerial - Travel Rectangular Mat

    • High-performance top gets gripper as you sweat - no more slipping
    • Same high-grip surface as the Form Pro mats with a thinner base
    • Portable: just 1.8kg, can be folded like paper or rolled and includes carry strap
    • Perfect to lay over studio mats or take away when travelling
    • Extremely durable and machine washable
    • Eco-friendly: recyclable, carbon negative and made from durable recycled materials
    • Form Grid: improve alignment and consistency
    • Perfect for hot yoga

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