Cosmos was inspired by the clear night sky full of stars. We’re big fans of star gazing and wanted to create a mat that invokes the wonder of a deep blue night sky dotted with starlight millions of miles away. Staring at the stars helps to gain perspective and balance. The Form Grid positioned over the stars echoes the constellations.


The Form mats are an innovative approach to yoga, pilates or any other exercise you want to use them for. The round shape fits with standard class setups while allowing you to create your own mental space. We love the effect they have on our mental focus and physical performance.


Cosmos - Pro Round Mat

£79.00 Regular Price
£71.10Sale Price
    • Take your practice to the next level with a round mat: create your own space, improve focus, spend more time on your mat. Great for meditation
    • High-performance top gets gripper as you sweat - no more slipping
    • Extremely durable and machine washable
    • Portable: rolls up to normal mat size and includes carry strap
    • Eco-friendly: recyclable, carbon negative and made from durable recycled materials
    • Form Grid: improve alignment and consistency
    • Perfect for hot yoga

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