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The power of visualisation to achieve your goals in 2018

Do you have a dream or vision board? Whilst I hope the answer is yes, when it comes to vision boards or dream boards I know people are sceptical; if you’re one of these people then keep reading.

Fact: Visualisation in one of the most beneficial and powerful exercises for your mind. It is a powerful tool used everyday by the world’s most successful people, and one that you can employ to achieve your goals in 2018. Research has shown that  people with clearly defined goals are significantly more likely to succeed than those without.

All of us have some sort of dream or vision for the future. A great way to make these dreams more concrete and to guide your daily life towards achieving them, is to create a sacred space for a visual representation of these goals i.e a vision, or dream, board. By seeing this vision everyday, you are essentially performing a mental visualisation exercise on a regular basis. They work.

From world-class Olympic athletes to the CEOs of Silicon Valley, (and now, hopefully, you) people across the world have been using this technique for centuries because they see results. So don’t hesitate any longer, grab some scissors and glue and get started. It’s a pretty fun task!

To get started:

First, decide on the purpose of your vision board.

In most cases, a vision board is filled with images of who you would like to be in the future. This might include where you would like to live, how you might like to improve your physique or where you would like to go on vacation. Create an overall image of how you would like your future to look.

Ensure that you focus on how you want to feel in the future. By focusing on the feeling - you can more easily visualise this future and eventually make it come to life.

Making your own vision board is a great opportunity to be creative and explore your goals for the future. The process of making the board gives you time to consider new ideas about your future and how you would like to live your life. Take the opportunity to design your life how you really want to live it.

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