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The Key to Persistence: Achieving your goals in 4 easy steps

Persistence is key to any goal being achieved, whether it is fitness related, career-focused or even to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. When working on our goals, we can so often give up too quickly, right before the breakthrough finally happens.

Being persistent means sticking with your goal no matter what life throws at you, approaching it with relentlessness, unwavering focus and intention. Never giving up until the thing you desire has been achieved.

Here are 4 steps you can take to stay persistent and achieve your goals:

1. Set up your daily routine and follow it no matter what

Build self-discipline to work on your goal every day, no exceptions. Keep in mind why you want to achieve your goal and how you will feel once you have achieved what you want. Don't take a break when it gets tough (unless things get too extreme!) Keep to a regular process, editing it ruthlessly to ensure that you are working in the most efficient way towards your goal.

2. Build your new routines on top of existing habits

The more automated your routine is, the less mental motivation you need to stick to your habits. There will be less resistance throughout your day if you feel there is no choice but to complete your habits. Brushing your teeth is a good example - it is something we know we must do twice a day so we make time for it - you should approach your new habits with the same commitment and focus.

3. Small actions everyday produce big results

Do not underestimate the power of consistent action. Even small habits, repeated every day produce big results. For example, doing a 2 minute plank in the morning and the evening may seem like a small feat, but try repeating that every day - that's almost 30 minutes of plank per week! Think of the core strength that could be gained just by 'bolting on' this new habit straight after brushing your teeth everyday.

4. Never break the chain

Make yourself a calendar specifically for habit building, simply put a red cross on the days that you complete your habits, you will start to build a chain of red crosses - never break this chain!

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