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The importance of air purifiers in your home

Even before the outbreak of Covid-19, the number of people with respiratory health issues has been steadily increasing for year and can largely be attributed to the pollution of air in our cities. Even in the cleanest environments, the air can still be polluted with visible or invisible particles that can be seriously detrimental to one’s health or aggravate already existing health issues.

Air purifiers could help. These appliances aid in the removal of air pollutants providing you with clean air, free from allergens. Here’s why you need one in your home today:

Kills germs and bacteria

Germs and bacteria are everywhere around us. We cannot see and observe them, but they silently pose harmful threats to our health. UV lights in air purifiers help destroy the DNA of germs and bacteria, exterminating them in their tracks.

To absorb unpleasant odours

With an activated carbon and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, air purifiers help absorb unpleasant odour from our homes. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is a type of air filter that purifies the air by trapping large or small particles that a vacuum would only recirculate.

They help you breath easier

Air purifiers provide you with great relief if you suffer from allergies or any other respiratory condition that is made worse by airborne particles. They are important in our homes because they quickly and quietly clear allergens and other particles, effectively eliminating smoke, odour, pollen, dust, pet dander, and almost every other pollutant present in the air.

Long-term protection of the furniture and decor

Dust poses a threat to furniture and decor in our homes. Your electronics and valuable gadgets can also be affected by dust. Air purifying technology can help protect our devices from dust while saving us time needed to clean our homes and offices.

Rapidly eradicates smoke

In addition to smoking habits, spending time next to a smoker, or living or working near a construction site, the smoke in our air contains thousands of harmful chemicals. Dust and smoke from construction sites are also known to cause cancer and respiratory diseases. Employing the use of air purifiers in our homes helps eliminate the chances of inhaling air that may be harmful to our health and wellbeing.

They’re essential for damp rooms

Mould spores thrive in damp and humid areas such as bathrooms and these types of places are ideal for mould growth. Mould spores are allergen triggers and some toxic moulds can cause severe lung infection and breathing difficulties. Most air purifiers come with UV-C lights which kills the DNA of moulds and stops its growth.


Simply put, you can significantly reduce the risk of germs and subsequent illness in your home by using air purifiers. As we spend record amounts of time indoors currently, fresh air is undoubtedly crucial to our wellbeing.


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