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The Form Journal - How it all began

It's been roughly 2 years since we made the decision to focus a bit more on this idea we had to start a sustainable fitness brand, but it seems like yesterday. The last two years have been and gone so quickly that it's really difficult to remember everything that has happened in between day 1 and today.

People always ask what gave us the idea to start Form, and it's difficult to answer this question as it was one of those ideas that builds from one thing then to another and keeps reforming until you have something that you really feel like, yep, this could work.

Ready, get set, go

We put it down to one Saturday when we came back from the gym and had the idea for the Form mat, but in reality, Form was a long time coming. As we became increasingly aware and concerned about the environment and climate change, we started noticing everything around us that could be improved, considering the life-cycle of a product, the health of ourselves and the health of our planet.

Since we love health and fitness, it was a natural step for us to focus on this industry first. The main pieces of equipment that are awful in most gyms are the mats, rarely cleaned, worn down from heavy use, poor quality and often made from PVC and other toxic materials. For us it was an easy choice, so we started from the ground up.

Form's first photoshoot

With our first 4 designs - (Cosmos, Peak, Lagoon and Radiance) we were really testing the market. With very little competition in the market of round yoga mats, we needed to see if there was demand. Of course, when no-one knows you exist it's difficult to get the word out there, so we started our Instagram page and attended various events including the Om Yoga Show - roping in family and friends to help us. Things were slow to begin with, but as they began to pick up, word started to spread about Form and our sustainable mission.

Our first show

Om Yoga Show was so exciting - our first exhibition! Of course, it was hard work - telling our story over and over again, for 3 days straight - we started to get tongue-tied! But it was so rewarding - people fell in love with the mats, couldn't wait to share their images online and everyone was so supportive, even though they had only just met us. This is something we have continued to experience over the past 2 years and something that I am so grateful for.

Since Om things have changed a lot - we have spent 2 years absorbing everything to do with growing a business, self-development, health and fitness. Everyday brings new challenges and we have become so resilient, keeping each other motivated everyday for 2 years when lots of things seem to be going wrong and your to-do list gets longer and longer, is no easy feat! We have changed as founders and as a result our business has grown and developed and will continue to do so.


We now have a wide variety of products on our website and the team itself is getting bigger. After 2 years of working ourselves to the bone, we are focusing on efficiency within the business and, of course, expansion. When you're working 12 hour days relentlessly, it becomes hard to switch off and to look after yourself first.

So many times this year I have found myself writing blogs and social media content about how to take care of yourself when I realise I haven't stood up from my desk for the last 2+ hours. It's been a huge learning curve for me to put myself first and to put my health first, no matter what. You can't pour from an empty cup - you must keep yourself full of energy and motivation. Not just for yourself, but for those around you.


People always talk about their businesses being like a baby and it makes me cringe when I hear people say that. Now I have Form, I get the analogy: it's what gets you up in the morning and what keeps you up all night.

Our passion for the environment and to help people make more sustainable and healthy choices is what drives Form, but it's our dedication to self-development and growth that keeps it going day-in, day-out.

In these journal entries I plan to share lots of stories from behind the scenes at Form including what we're working on, new designs and how we stay motivated. Both for my own self-reflection but to also share our journey with all of you who have been following us all the way. Thank you for your support!

Please share Form with your family and friends - help us grow the Form community and change the world.

- Heidi

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