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Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide - gifts that don't cost the Earth

Sustainability should be at the heart of every decision we make, including our Christmas shopping! We've searched high and low for our favourite eco-friendly Christmas gifts.

Christmas cards

Plantable Christmas cards - These biodegradable cards from Aitch & Co grow into wildflowers loved by bees and butterflies when soaked and placed in soil. So your gift can be remembered all year round!

£2 - £3.50, Aitch & Co

Awesome upcycled products

Firehose wallet - Fed up with your wallet lasting a few months before falling apart? Check out this wallet made from incredibly durable firehoses.

£75 Elvis and Kresse

Bike chain cufflinks - for the cyclist in your life, these cufflinks are made from Shimano bike chain links.

£29.99, Etsy

Vintage book pictures - we love these beautiful prints of bees and squirrels printed directly onto a old dictionary pages to create a unique art piece for your home. Each page different making it an incredibly unique gift.

£8.18 for the Bee, £7.50 for the Squirrel, Etsy

Hendrick's lamps and soap dispenser - if you know someone who loves gin as much as we do in the Form office, they'll love these lamps and soap dispensers made from Hendrick's bottles.

£27 for the lamp, £12.99 for the dispenser, Etsy

New but green creations

Bamboo tablet stand - great for chefs who use their tablet for recipes or anyone who watches videos on their tablet or phones, this simple stand is made from fast-growing, low-energy intensive bamboo.

£8.99, Amazon

Bamboo watch - another bamboo product, the beautiful Naturalist watch has a premium minimalist design combined with sustainable elements.

£119, Aitch & Co

Ceramic bee nester - made from glazed ceramic in the shape of a traditional bee hive, this frost-resistant nester provides a dry and ventilated home for bumblebees and also mammals such as voles and shrews.

£22.99, Protect the Planet

Form yoga mats - where would a sustainable gift guide be without a Form mat. There's still time to order for delivery in time for Christmas.

£39 - £79, Form

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