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Fancy some sun, sea, sand and savasana? Here's how to choose your perfect retreat...

When Lauren and I founded The Reset retreats we had both been looking for the perfect retreat that we would want to attend ourselves, but we couldn’t find it.

Now nearly 18 months on from The Reset’s foundations, more and more retreats are going on-sale around the world, all with something different to offer.

With so many to choose from – how do you pick the perfect break for you? Here are our top tips when it comes to selecting the right retreat:

Consider what your body and mind need from a retreat

What is it you want from a retreat? Is your body craving a rest, some sleep and a recharge? Or do you want to be stimulated and inspired and to push yourself more than you’re able to do in your normal routine?

A lot of retreats will be heavily fitness based – whether that’s yoga, HITT, walking or other activities. These are fantastic for a real challenge but it’s a great idea to look at the schedule to see what’s involved each day.

If you’re not used to a full-on level of activity, think carefully about what your body’s going to feel like and how you want to come away from the break.

Some retreats will also offer workshops and learning opportunities. Really dig into what you want to come away from your retreat with. We all expect so much from our breaks now – you don’t want to be left disappointed. Whether it’s goal setting, learning meditation or healthy cooking there is a retreat out there that’s right for you so don’t settle.

Go somewhere you’d never go otherwise

Your holiday time is precious and we know you want to use it wisely. That’s why when you’re looking at retreats it’s great to really think carefully about the location.

A retreat might not be something you’ll do regularly so use it as a chance to go somewhere unique that you might never consider otherwise. With a great guide or someone local making plans for you and giving you insider tips, it’s your chance to get out of your comfort zone and experience somewhere new.

Think about what sort of people you want to spend time with

A retreat isn’t just the location and the schedule. In fact we’d say even more than those aspects are the people you’ll be spending time with.

Running The Reset retreats we’ve been overwhelmed with the power of the group and how much you can learn from and bond with new people.

If you can, speak to people who’ve been on the retreat you’re considering before or that have been to the location. Check testimonials and watch videos and really get a feel for the sort of people you’ll be spending time with.

If you’re not sure, we would always recommend getting in touch with the hosts for a chat and to ask whether you’d be a good fit with the group. You want to feel comfortable and connected with like-minded people so put your mind at ease by reaching out in advance. It’s really worth it.

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