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More of our favourite unusual types of yoga

Last year we wrote an article on 4 unusual types of yoga you've never heard of; we’ve decided to follow it up with even more unusual types of yoga so you can experience different ways to relax both mind and body.

Yoga Raves

Loud parties and jolly get-togethers are always fun so there’s no reason to not include them in our yoga sessions. However, a yoga rave is not your typical party “vibe.” It usually starts with a quick stretching session and guided meditation to warm up the body and get the rhythm going. After that, the music kicks in to enhance the experience and there’s also usually alcohol-free drinks and gourmet vegetarian food available too. As the rave draws to a close, you participate in another guided meditation to calm the body down.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga combines the euphoria from belly laughs with and bālāsanas and other similar poses to the mat. It was developed by in the early 90s by an Indian medical doctor who was interested in the mental and physical health benefits of laughter. And that is what this yoga type is all about -- reducing the stress of modern living, lowering blood pressure and burning calories. There are four stages to laughter yoga -- clapping, controlled breathing, childlike playfulness and a series of laughter yoga exercises. Laughter is very infectious so just being surrounded by people laughing will soon have you giggling away.


Yes, yoga for bros is a thing. Originally intended to get more males onto the mat, broga yoga has since grown into a full-on sensation embraced by men all over the world. The practice often involves a vinyasa flow interwoven with strength-training workout and some cardiovascular exercises.

Equine Yoga

Last time we talked about goat and dog yoga so a horse yoga shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Horse yoga is about building a bond with your horse, connecting with your natural environments and looking completely badass as you cycle through various poses on the horse’s back - no mean feat given the base balance demands from normal horse riding. Still, if you’re up for it, horse yoga lets you focus on your core and balance while connecting to the horse’s breathing, and using it for stability.

Harry Potter Yoga

Alright, so this is basically a Vinyasa Flow yoga asana and meditation class but made way more fun with its infusions of elements from the Potterverse. Get into warrior pose, wand in hand, to practice your “Expelliarmus” and “Stupefy” spells, get closer to the ground with your "Downward Dumbledore" pose or as the muggles call it, downward dog. The “whomping willow” replaces the tree pose while the “Expecto Patronum” spell gets students to enter Warrior II pose while thinking of their happiest memories.

Paddleboard Yoga

This unusual yoga is the one you're most likely to have heard of from this list. Created in 2013, it's pretty much what is sounds like - yoga on a paddleboard. Notoriously difficult to balance on, even just during normal use, the paddleboard demands extra focus while developing new muscles and giving the core a real workout. Go on, give it a try and make a splash!

Which of these unusual types of yoga have you tried or are most excited about trying out?


4 unusual types of yoga you've never heard of

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