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Introducing Marble: because happiness comes in waves

Over the past few months we have been working to find ways for Form to support all the amazing work out there towards saving our oceans. So, we are very excited to launch a mat dedicated to this cause: Marble.

Marble allows you to take the sea with you, wherever you go. Feel connected to the beauty of our oceans whether you are at home, in the garden or in the studio. Immerse yourself in the teals and blues of the ocean waves, whilst safe in the knowledge that you are helping the largest ocean cleanup in history.

Around 8 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year

The Ocean Cleanup

We are very excited to be donating £10 from every sale of Marble to The Ocean Cleanup, an amazing company that was founded in 2013 by Dutch inventor, Boyan Slat. The team at Ocean Cleanup now consists of more than 70 engineers, researchers, scientists and computational modelers working hard to rid the world's oceans of plastic - a cause that we can all get behind, especially during #PlasticFreeJuly Through their passive drifting systems they are estimated to clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years’ time.

For society to progress, we should not only move forward but also clean up after ourselves. - Boyan Slat, CEO & Founder of The Ocean Cleanup
Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup has developed an innovative new technology that moves with the currents of the ocean. The system is made up of a floater with a solid screen underneath, this concentrates any plastic debris and leads it into a collection system. Using a drift anchor suspended deep into the water, the system is slowed, making it move slower than plastic and therefore catching it.

This diagram shows you the vast scale of this mission:

Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

Follow The Ocean Cleanup:

Instagram: @TheOceanCleanup

Twitter: @TheOceanCleanup

Credit: The Ocean Cleanup

Sustainability is a journey, not a goal

As mentioned in our blog "recent sustainable changes that big brands are making", sustainability is a journey, not a destination and there are always ways we can improve. If you have any suggestions on how we can make Form even more eco-friendly then please do not hesitate to get in touch - we can't wait to hear your ideas.

Join us in working towards a healthier ocean and a healthier planet.

Thank you.

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