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How to fall asleep in 120 seconds

Sleep is one of the most important factors in short and long-term health. It has a positive impact on energy levels, tissue regeneration, mental and physical wellness. Poor quality sleep on the other hand has links to depression and cardiovascular problems.

We all know how we feel after getting hours of good quality sleep: full of energy, good mood and mentally sharp. The reason many of us don’t get enough sleep is we have trouble falling asleep in the first place.

This week we’re sharing a technique used by the US Military which, with practice, should allow you to fall asleep in under 2 minutes. The method was originally published in Relax and Win: Championship Performance and is been reported to have been used successfully in the most inhospitable of sleeping locations such as in warzones.

It is recommended to practice the techniques for 6 weeks, after which, 95% of people can fall asleep in under 2 minutes.

Start by lying on your back, facing the ceiling (or stars).

1- Start with deep breaths

We want to start the relaxation process immediately so breathe deeply, fully and slowly into the belly and chest.

2- Relax the face

We often don’t realise, but it is normal to tense some muscles in the face for the majority of the day. Work through all the areas of the face, releasing all tension in the facial muscles, neck and jaw.

3- Relax your shoulders

Push your shoulders downwards away from your head as far as possible. Imagine you are reaching to touch your ankles with your hands.

Continue to breathe deeply throughout…

4- Relax your upper body

Starting with your upper arms, then lower arms, move your focus downward switching off every muscle one-by-one. As you switch off each muscle, focus on relaxing fully and do not move again afterwards.

5- Relax your lower body

Moving from your torso, abs, glutes etc move your focus downwards muscle-by-muscle, switching off every muscle.

6- Visualisation

Do one of the following three things until you fall asleep:

  • Imagine yourself lying in black velvet hammock in a pitch black room;

  • Imagine yourself lying on your back in a canoe on a perfectly still lake;

  • Repeat ‘Don’t think, don’t think’ in your head.

So give it a go and practice for a few weeks, you should master the technique in no time zzzzzzzzz.


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