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How efficiently are you sweating? Follow these tips and live the sweat life

When we're working out, sweat is usually a good sign that we've trained hard. It is also an important factor in body temperature regulation - usually exactly what is required when finishing off a HIIT workout! But, how can we ensure that we are sweating in the most efficient way?

Follow these tips to make sure you are sweating right!

Don't dry your sweat before it evaporates

Sweat is our body's natural method of cooling, but it only works when you allow your sweat to evaporate naturally. When you wipe your sweat away, you prevent the cooling from happening and your body is forced to produce more sweat in order to stop you from over-heating. So try to let your sweat evaporate naturally and don't wipe it away. You do need to wipe it from your mat or machine though!

Wear the right kit

Gym kit can come in all shapes, styles and fabrics. Choosing clothes that are breathable to allow your sweat to evaporate easily. Sweat-wicking fabrics are particular good at allowing our sweat to evaporate form our bodies naturally, keeping us cool. However, cotton does not allow sweat to pass through it so try to avoid clothing made of this material where possible.

Drink lots of water!

We all know the importance of drinking water, before, during and after our workouts, and the rest of the time! By drinking the right amount of water, you allow your body to sweat efficiently during your workout. Water also replaces the fluid we lose during our workout, keeping us hydrated, energised and allowing us to perform better.

Wait until your core temperature has cooled down before taking your post-workout shower

If you jump straight into a warm shower after your workout, you often find that you carry on sweating even after you've showered. To allow your body to cool down efficiently, wait until your core temperature has been regulated back to normal before washing away your sweat and you're good to go! However, a cold shower can be helpful and will help you return to normal temperature faster.

Go forth and SWEAT!

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