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Form's favourite quick and easy swaps to reduce your plastic usage in #PlasticFreeJuly and beyond!

This week we're celebrating as we launched our new mat design - Marble. This mat has been designed especially to raise awareness of the growing problem of the amount of plastic waste that can be found in our oceans. You can read more about it here.

Around 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently litter our oceans. Thankfully, there are things we can do to improve this figure such as supporting great projects like The Ocean CleanUp (the biggest ocean clean-up in history), talking about it to your friends and family (to raise awareness) and making some simple lifestyle changes that reduce your use of single-use plastic.

Below are 5 simple switches you can make that won't break the bank, but will have a huge impact on how we look after our oceans and marine life.

Credit: The Ocean CleanUp - Plastic being pulled from the ocean

1. Refuse Single-use coffee cups with plastic lids

There are plenty of great options out there on the market to finally put your single-use cup habit to bed. This reusable cup is a great alternative, made from bamboo it is built to last. Plus. if you get your coffee from Pret (where they give you 50p off your coffee if you ask for it in your reusable cup, more on this here) it will soon pay for itself!

2. Stop using plastic straws

Straws aren't really all that necessary most of the time, but they can help protect your teeth from sugary drinks or staining. Why not try a reusable option like stainless steel or bamboo?

3. Cotton buds

We're all familiar with that iconic photo of the Seahorse floating along with a cotton bud. Unfortunately, even after seeing that shocking reality of how marine life are being affected by our habits, many people still choose to use plastic, single-use cotton buds.

Luckily, most supermarkets and stores now sell 100% cotton, or paper stemmed buds that are biodegradable so there's no excuse not to make this easy switch.

4. Plastic applicator tampons

They may be more comfortable to insert, but there really wasn't anything wrong with the cardboard ones. Cardboard applicators are often cheaper too!

Another option is the MoonCup which allows you to reduce waste, save money and the planet!

5. Cling-film/sandwich bags

With the amount of Tupperware our cupboards are full of, it is surprising how much clingfilm is still used on a daily basis. Make a switch to these beeswax food covers and sandwich bags that keep your food just as fresh and also look great too!

For a more sustainable Tupperware option, when yours finally need replacing, try these beautiful stainless steel and bamboo lunchboxes that are made to last.

Oh and here's a couple more ideas for you....

  • Try to take reusable bags out with you, especially when you head out for the weekly shop.

  • Get yourself a reusable water bottle.

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