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Form Mat Technology Explained

Not just a pretty face

​Every element of Form's products are engineered to be not only beautiful objects, but also functional, sustainable and durable, to ensure you give your best performance every time you step on your mat.

So what is microfibre?

You may have heard a lot about microfibre over the past couple of years - it's certainly having it's moment! The extremely high-durability of microfibre makes it a fantastic material for use in a great number of applications from yoga mats to clothing, cleaning products to towels.

The microfibre mat is made from a synthetic fibre which is a blend of polyester and polyamide or nylon. These materials are arranged together to form a strand which are then split into ultra-fine single fibres, 1/16 the width of a human hair. These fibres are then woven together to make the finished microfibre mat, creating a surface made of millions of the fibres.

Sounds technical, but how does that help me perform better?

Anyone who has felt a Form microfibre mat before will know its incredibly soft to the touch providing an added bit of luxury during your workout.

Not only does the microfibre feel nice to the touch, it also provides an incredibly grippy yoga surface. The high thread count of the microfibre creates a high surface area creating high friction providing the user with unmatched grip. Moisture from your hands or a spray bottle increases the grippiness of microfibre further, so unlike other mats, as you sweat during your workout, the mats get stickier.

This provides additional support and stability, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary injuries such as shoulder, back and elbow injuries seen too often when performing yoga. It also relieves pressure points in all yoga positions, alleviating pains caused from tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and other knee, hip, back and joint injuries.

What about the rubber base?

Alternative mats on the market are sometimes made from 100% natural rubber; although very durable in itself, pure rubber can become worn and discoloured after years of direct contact with sweaty skin during yoga and other workouts. It also has the tendancy to be grippy while dry at the start of your workout, but get slippier as you sweat and move into the part of your practice you need grip the most!

At Form we aim for the best of both worlds: by adding the layer of super-durable microfibre to the top of a natural rubber base, our mats grip well to the floor while providing a more durable and grippy top, meaning that your mat will last far longer than a pure rubber or PVC alternative, with no risk of slipping during your downward facing dog!

The base of our mats are made from 100% recycled natural rubber, so we do not contribute to unnecessary felling of rubber trees. The natural rubber is heat-bound to the top layer of microfibre, so no toxic adhesive is used in the manufacturing of the mat. This also ensures that the mat is recyclable when it finally reaches the end of it's lifespan.

Be the movement

By using these materials we can ensure that our mat is hypoallergenic and toxic-free, unlike most other mats on the market. It contains no PVC, latex, silicone, glue, toxic chemicals or carcinogens which can be harmful to humans and the environment.

Here at Form we aim to show you don't have to make the choice between aesthetics, performance and environment-friendliness. 

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