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Form 360: Mind, Body, Nutrition, Soul

Mind:  Motivation vs. Momentum

Winter mornings are gradually setting in, and as they do getting up seems harder than ever. Any kind of motivation we had before goes out the window as it becomes even harder to crawl out of bed! However, there is a secret technique that can help you to stick to your plans and achieve your goals this winter: momentum. Where motivation fails us, we can use momentum to get where we want to be. Instead of thinking about your task as a big effort, take it right back to the first step. If your aim is to go to the gym and you are struggling to work up the energy, think to yourself ‘well maybe I can just do the warm-up’ chances are once you get started it will be easier to continue.

Body: 12 week workout

Scary thought - it’s only 12 weeks until Christmas parties start. So if you want to squeeze one last 12 week plan in before the roast dinners and Christmas treats creep up on you, then Monday is the day to get started! Go go go!

Nutrition: Electrolytes

To keep your energy levels consistent and to ensure you maintain some of the vital nutrients that your body needs, why not add some electrolytes to your diet? Exercise, sweating and illness can cause you to partially lose electrolytes but you can get them back into balance through supplements or by drinking things like coconut water, which contains naturally occurring electrolytes. Electrolytes are certain nutrients present in your body that have important functions like regulating your heartbeat. Major electrolytes include: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphate and chloride.

Soul: Mates

Long cold day at work? Nourish your soul by allowing yourself a quiet night in with friends. Invite people over for a meal and play a game/film - cook something delicious and curl up on the sofa. Hygge.

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