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Form 360°: find your flow

Many of us are discovering the powerful benefits of a workout schedule that is based around HIIT and weight training. However, whilst this approach has a vast number of benefits, we cannot ignore our body's need for proper conditioning, dynamic stretching and tone. Form 360° is the solution. It is essential for avoiding injury, over-developing muscle groups and taking an holistic approach to your health and well-being.

Taking inspiration from Pilates, Yoga and Animal Flow, we have developed a brand new class that compliments a regular gym fitness plan by focusing on conditioning the body. The class has been developed especially to improve flexibility, stamina and core strength, helping you to maintain muscle strength, prevent injury and achieve your health and fitness goals.

The 50 minute class is broken down into 5 sections:

3m - Mental preparation: set intention, set goals

At the start of every class we take a few minutes to get mentally 'in the zone', focusing on our goals and what we want to achieve from the class. Mental preparation is key as mental endurance is just as important as physical endurance when working out.

10m - Warm-up: dynamic stretching and heart rate raiser

Essential for fat-burning, the first 10 minutes of movement raises the heart rate to enter the fat-burning zone. This, combined with dynamic stretching, ensures that the muscles and joints are properly mobile and warm enough to begin conditioning.

25m - Flow: Strength, tone and HIIT

Once our bodies are warm, we enter the main section of the class - 3 x dynamic flows. Each flow lasts around 7 minutes long and contains a series of 3-4 dynamic movements with controlled transitions that include full body HIIT and focused muscle-group conditioning (flexibility + tone). During this phase your heart rate will reach it's peak and you will sweat!

5m - Core conditioning + strength

Following the fast-moving flow, we start to slow things down, turning our focus to our core. The core conditioning section of the class ensures that your core gets the attention it needs to enable it to support you throughout your fitness training and daily life. Arguably the most important muscle group to maintain for weights and strength training.

5m - Deep stretch

Now the body is warm and oxygen is flowing nicely around your muscles, it is the perfect opportunity to give your muscles and joints the deep stretch they need. Flexibility plays a vital roll in overall health and wellbeing throughout your life (especially as you grow older) allowing you to maintain range of movement, prevent injury and back pain.

2m - Mindfulness

The class ends with 2 mins lying flat on your mat. Re-focusing your mind and setting your intentions for the rest of your day, once you leave your mat. Mindfulness helps us to stay mentally in tune with our bodies, our mental health and general well-being. It helps us cope with stress as well as lowering our blood pressure.

For more information about the class, including flows that you can try at home, join our newsletter and head back to Form World soon.

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