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Follow these 5 steps to create a personal mantra and change your life today

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

A mantra is an affirmative, positive statement that you say to yourself to motivate and focus your mind.

It is a tool that is often used when meditating; by repeating a mantra over and over again in your mind, you can focus on the words rather than letting the "monkey-mind" take over. Rather than trying to ignore or silence the thinking mind, repeating a mantra employs the thinking mind - essentially giving it something to do whilst you get on with your meditation!

Whilst mantras are used for meditative purposes, creating a personal mantra can be beneficial to everyone. Our noisy minds are full of repetitive, often useless thoughts that can even be harmful to us. By employing a mantra, you can cut through the mental chatter at any moment, repeating to yourself a meaningful phrase can instantly encourage, focus and motivate your mind.

@kelsey_ann showing us how it's done!

How can you create a personal mantra that truly resonates with you and gives you the immediate boost you need?

Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Write down your top 10 moments from your life

These can either be your achievements, something you're proud of, a time when you felt most alive or something you did well at work.

2. Give them all a score out of 10

Next to each of your moments, write a score out of 10 - 1 meaning that it gave you no joy at all and 10 meaning that you feel happy just thinking about it!

3. Pick one

Pick the one moment that resonates with you the most, makes you feel warm inside, confident and strong.

4. Choose one word that sums it up

For example, if the moment that made you feel most proud and positive was when you landed your dream job in a city you have always wanted to live in and, despite its challenges, you were a success, then your one word might be; London.

5. Repeat this word everyday

Use it as a secret tool that is yours, and only yours. You can say it silently in your head and no-one has to know what you're thinking. When you say it you will instantly be filled with the memory and emotion that you carried with you from that special moment in your life. You can use it when you're in the shower, before an important presentation or even just when you're feeling a little low, especially then!

Hearing this word in your mind will remind you just how strong and amazing you are, and what you are capable of. It's your secret weapon.

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