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Eco watch: raising awareness of disappearing species and a naked store in the U.K

Lacoste raises awareness and funds for disappearing species through limited edition shirts

Credit: Lacoste

Clothing brand, Lacoste, is raising awareness and money for endangered species. The launch of the Lacoste x Save Our Species polo shirts, saw the iconic Crocodile replaced with each endangered species they are raising awareness of.

The series is very limited with the number of polos corresponding to the remaining population sizes in the wild. It does a fantastic job of highlighting just how few some of these animals are left with just 30 Vaquita porpoises and 40 Burmese Roofed Turtle left in the wild. Unsurprisingly, with such small runs the shirts have sold out already but you can still support this fantastic cause by donating to Save our Species.

Positive changes in the UK energy mix

Despite recent political turmoil, the UK has made very positive gains towards a greener energy mix. Recent reports show that the UK has reduced its fossil fuel use by 30% in just 9 years. In 2011, 75% of Britain’s energy was generated from burning natural gas and coal, today it stands at under 45%.

Renewable-generated energy today makes up 30% of UK power and is due to overtake fossil fuels as the primary energy source in the UK in 2020. The impressive renewables gain have been driven by the UK’s booming wind and solar industry.

Lego reaches its 100% renewable energy target… 3 years early

Credit: Guinness World Records

We mentioned our favourite toy company, Lego, in a previous edition of Eco-Watch, when they announced the introduction of plastic made from plant matter. They’re back in the news again, this time after achieving their goal of using 100% renewable energy 3 years early.

The company achieved its goal due to the completion of the construction of a large offshore wind park in the Irish Sea which will supply their energy. Lego celebrated by building a huge wind turbine out of 146,000 Lego bricks, smashing the Guinness World Record for the largest wind turbine made of Lego bricks in the process!

Lush opens their first UK ‘naked’ store

Credit: Lush

No it’s not a nudist soap shop, we promise. Lush recently opened their first completely plastic-free UK store in Manchester with zero-plastic used to package any of their products.

Ingredients, use and other product information is accessed via a #LushLabs app which they are trialing at the store. Let’s hope this lush idea catches on in other shops around the world.

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