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Eclipse ft. Emma Lindström

Hi Emma, firstly, thanks for taking the time for this interview. As you know, we love your work and we are very excited to be collaborating with you for our very first limited edition Form mat - Eclipse.

We’d love to know more about the process you take to create works of art like this and hear about the story behind your work.

How long have you been painting?

I’ve been painting since I was 15 or 16, I think. I fell in love with it in school and haven’t stopped since!

Where is your favourite place to paint?

I actually just opened my own gallery together with my husband, and I got my studio within the premises of that. So right now, I couldn’t be more happy where I am! However, I also spend a lot of time in the south of France, and that environment is so inspiring and nourishing for your creativity. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter where I am, as long as I’ve got enough space for my canvases and am allowed to splash some paint on the floor, I can make any place my home.

Do you like to listen to music whilst you paint?

Oh yes, it’s an absolute must for me when creating! Music is my biggest source of inspiration.

We hear you are opening a new gallery in Gothenburg - we’d love to hear more about it.

Yes, it’s called Anohaao Gallery and it’s a dream come true, for sure! It wasn’t planned to happen just yet, but me and my husband stumbled upon this place and just couldn’t say no. Sometimes you just have to give into the flow of things and let go of your fears... The idea was initially to have a place where I could paint and a showroom for my art, but we quickly realised that there are so much amazing art out there that we would personally want to enjoy, so we simply decided that we were going to exhibit other artists as well. It's going to be an honor and a privilege to bring some of our favourite art and artists to Gothenburg!

Top 5 Tracks to work to:

Aphex Twin - Tha

Max Cooper - Gravity well 

Olaf Stuut - A scape Reality

Rival Consoles - Recovery 

Aphex Twin - #3 

Who or what is your main source of inspiration?

Music is definitely my main source of inspiration! As I said before, I listen to music all the time when I'm painting, and most of the time when I’m not. As much as I need art as an expression of myself and my emotions, I need music as a fuel for my creativity.

What’s the story behind the artwork on the Eclipse mat? Where did you find inspiration for it?

It’s about letting go of any story and give into the unknown. It’s about freeing your mind and making clear space for creativity to work through you. Ultimately it’s about life, energy taking form.

How long does it take you to produce an artwork like Eclipse?

It usually takes a couple of weeks. The first layer is pretty quickly done, since it’s very intuitive and not so much about the details. The next layers after that takes a little more time though, since it’s more focused on details and shaping the piece into it’s final form. And you also have to take mixing of paint and drying time into account.

How does it feel to see your artwork on a yoga mat, knowing that people all around the work will be working out on your artwork?

It’s amazing, I’ve been thinking for some time that it would be a great fit to have my art on yoga mats and I’m very happy with the result!

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