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Behind the scenes: Make the world your gym - the campaign

As a creative team, we love coming up with new concepts and strategies that allow us to get our pen and paper out and get those ideas flowing. With our latest marketing campaign - Make the world your gym - it didn't take long for us to get a very clear picture in our heads of how the campaign should look and the story we wanted to tell.

Why should you make the world your gym?

As a team, we love travelling, fitness and new adventures, so having a product that allows us to combine all of those has been really valuable to us. The message of making the world your gym closely aligns with the Form brand story and our vision to make the fitness industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is why our mats have such a strong connection to the environment and the world we live in. This is seen in many elements of the mats;

  • the fact that they are carbon-negative meaning that our customers are actively reducing their carbon footprint and improving the world we live in;

  • through the designs which have a strong connecting theme of landscapes and nature;

  • and also in the fact that they are extremely durable and machine-washable, allowing them to be used in any environment, whether you are by the sea or on the top of a mountain.

The mats were built for explorers and through our marketing campaign we really wanted to expand on this story line and encourage our community to play a bigger role in that.

Form World

Earlier this year we launched Form World - an area of our website dedicated to sharing stories and images of our customers and their Form mats all over the world. We have created a space for our global community to share their stories and photos about how they use their Form mats. We have been amazed at how many countries Form mats find themselves in - we have serious travel-envy!

A chance to get out of the studio

Form mats offer everyone the opportunity to get outside and practice somewhere new. This has given the Form team a great excuse to get outdoors ourselves, away from our laptops for a while, and explore nature. We have had shoots take place in forests and by the sea in Cornwall (UK), as well as, Costa Rica, Berlin, USA, Ibiza and of course, London.

Share your story

We love hearing stories and ideas about how we can make the world our gym, so join us on Form World or drop us a message - we'd love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world.

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