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5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By making small but smart changes in each aspect of our daily lives, we can make an impact on our  personal and collective carbon footprint.

Today we share 5 key areas of aspects of daily life where we can make the biggest impact when trying to be ethical and sustainable.

1. Travel Choices

Over 30% of global carbon emissions are caused by transportation, meaning smarter choices when travelling can have an extremely large impact on reducing our personal footprint. 3 ways we can reduce the impact of our travel include:

  • Use shared transport as much as possible such as use public transport or car sharing;

  • Walk or cycle - it’s good for you!

  • Look for electric or hybrid options when looking at new car options;

  • Try to limit travel by air: look for local holiday options nearer to home.

2. Food Choices

Moving to a lower-meat diet or a plant-based diet can make a large difference. It doesn’t have to be a completely vegetarian diet: try eating a meat free meal every other day or even just concentrating on cutting down your beef consumption.

  • Food which is less processed is not only often better for you, it usually means less energy has been expended to produce the final product.

  • Where possible buy local produce: by reducing the miles the product has been transported to get to your door, the food has a lower embodied carbon.

  • Reduce food waste: try to plan your meals for the week, this will help ensure you buy the exact amount required reducing the volume that ends up in the bin or compost. Also, avoid shopping when hungry!

3. Reduce Energy And Water Use

Making a number of small changes around your home can add up to a large energy saving over year. Quick-wins include:

  • Change your lightbulbs to energy efficient models;

  • Turn your clothes wash down to 30° (you only need hotter washes for really dirty clothing);

  • Hang your clothes to dry rather than tumble drying them;

  • Install better insulation;

  • Buy energy efficient appliances, particularly with larger equipment like ovens or appliances which are on 24/7 like refrigerators, this makes a big difference over time.

4. Carbon Neutral And Carbon Negative Products

At Form we are proud to call ourselves the carbon-negative fitness company: we offset more than the carbon embodied through the production and transportation of all our products so they have a positive effect on the environment.

When choosing what products and services you buy, aside from companies that offset their carbon, shop around to find those that have the low embodied carbon. Indicators of lower-carbon include:

  • Stating their low-carbon credentials;

  • Locally produced

  • Low-carbon materials such as natural fibres or wood

  • Recycled or upcycled products

  • Join up with friends to share and reuse as much as you can

5. Off-Set Schemes

In a similar way to Form, you can offset your own carbon footprint too! Use a tool such as WWF’s footprint calculator http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/ by answering a series of questions on your food, travel, home and stuff, it provides an estimate on the scale of your carbon footprint. You can then offset this using schemes such as through SolarAid or a similar scheme. Just remember not all offset schemes are born equal: make sure you find a scheme that genuinely makes a difference.

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