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5 top tips for living your best life - by Yummy Yoga Girl, Natalie Farrell

Sit back, relax, begin to chill…as you have arrived in first class and you are about to take the journey of a lifetime, ask for anything you want and it will come to you, you don’t even need to leave your seat…

Looking to live your best life with first class service and delivery of all your wishes and desires?

It can happen. But from experience, it is much more fun when you are in the driving seat. Facing the twists and turns that come to you head on. Whilst staying aware and focused on what is right for you, so you ask the right questions and challenge yourself to get the most out of your life.

The Starting Point

I work with people who are seeking courage to grow and make strong well informed decisions for permanent change. People who are prepared to expand beyond their limitations and find within their own beliefs and values, an authentic approach to life which works best for them. Opening up opportunities so they can embrace all attributes towards living a healthy balanced, free flowing and abundant lifestyle.

I freed myself from negative patterns and past conditioning so I could live a life that I love. I made a pact with myself to make the most out of my life and if it meant losing certain parts of my current life, I decided this was okay. “Face the fear and do it anyway” was one of my game changer mottos. I faced reality head on and recognised that changes meant being honest with myself. I too accepted the emotional roller coaster ride along the way and was open to the unknown so I could grow as a person into a more evolved and awake human being.

Is this resonating with you? Is it something you are working towards already? Do you want to join in with other like minded people for innovation and motivation?

Let’s do this!

Here are my 5 top tips for living your best life:

Tip 1 - Take a creative review on your approach to life so far

Begin to recognise negative habitual patterns which keep you stuck in a less than healthy lifestyle pattern. Dig up those limiting beliefs and negative language patterns such as, "I can’t", "I don’t have", "I’m not ready", "he said", "my teacher believed", "they always say no". Begin to write any negative patterns down and notice what you want to change so you have a starting point for new healthy habits.

Tip 2 - Ditch the negative nuisance self and wake up your inner super self!

As you become more aware of your limiting patterns, and more importantly, the emotional reactions they bring out in you, you can begin to take action and formulate healthy changes. Part of this work can be self lead or supported by professionals as you begin to loosen the ties and roundabout patterns that held you back in your 'safe place'. New possibilities begin to emerge as you recognise and accept full responsibility for your decisions and emotional reactions.

Tip 3 - Say goodbye to the things which no longer fit with your story.

Now you have ditched your old nuisance self why would you want to carry around someone else’s? As you begin to stand up to the responsibilities of self care and rewrite your “first class” story, you will become more aware of the people, things and situations which no longer fit within your story. Be kind to yourself and all those who like you by being honest and gently letting go. This way you can move on and so can they.

Tip 4 - Find your game-changing life mottos.

As the positive vibes are flowing freely now let’s let it stay that way. It’s your story you are mapping out and you are in the driver seat, taking full control. Use all the material life delivers your way to keep attracting what you want.

Tip 5 - Become your own personal trainer and coach.

Embedding your new beliefs step-by-step is an important part of the change process. It’s vital to understand that repetition reaps rewards and failure is okay. Remember this is your story and great things will come your way when the change comes from a genuine place.

Natalie’s Yummy Top Tip for a healthy and fun life:

Love your body and all it can achieve. Learn to breath properly, eat wisely so you can power up the systems in your body to function efficiently. Consciously look after your entire body and learn how it works to bring you clarity and natural energy to live your best life.


Natalie xx

Natalie is a Wellbeing and Yoga Coach with online courses to motivate people to become the healthiest versions of themselves. Natalie is a public speaker, speaking on NLP, wellbeing and hypnotherapy and her own business journey, inspiring others to find and follow their true calling, encouraging them to combine a business with their passion. As a creative entrepreneur Natalie founded the boutique yoga wear range Yummy Yoga Girl in 2017 and has since featured in Om Yoga and Lifestyle, In the Moment and Yoga magazines.

Work with Natalie now sign up to her free 21 day wellbeing challenge at www.yummyyogagirl.com.

Listen to Natalie's Three minute meditation called 'Your Story' here

Stay in touch for fresh ideas for healthy living on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest: @yummyyogagirl

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