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5 productivity tools we use daily

Running a small business means working efficiently and collaborating with your team effectively. Since launching Form in early 2017 we’ve discovered some awesome tools that will supercharge your productivity.

Redbooth – the king of to-do lists

You may have tried Kanban style to-do lists like Trello before; they usually comprise of vertical lists with actions grouped by topic, team or stage of completion. Redbooth takes this to another level with the ability to add sub-tasks, comments or files to each action and also view your actions in chronological order in a list or calendar view.

Google Drive & suite - access your files anywhere

When we launched Form, we wanted to create an agile business which would enable the team to work from wherever they feel most productive. To make sure the team can access their files quickly from any device, we use Google Drive (and the GDrive suite including Google Photos, Docs and Sheets). You won't be caught without your notes again!

Flow-e - turn your email inbox into a to-do list

Never lose that email you had to reply to or action. Flow-e is an amazing email client which allows you to drag your emails into Kanban lists (much like Redbooth) and add notes, sub-tasks and due dates to action your emails.

Hootsuite - schedule and post to social media

Creating and sharing great content is something we place a lot of emphasis on at Form - we want to keep you in the loop with what we've been working on and share your fantastic shots. To organise our three main social accounts (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter) we plan our content ahead and schedule using Hootsuite which allows you to upload content and captions then schedule and auto-post at a set date and time.

Slack - talk to your colleagues faster

We use Slack for all communication within the team: it let's you create channels on a set topic, allowing the team to work on particular areas of the business through what is effectively an instant messenger. Most importantly, it has Giphy integrated, allowing us to add very serious gifs to each chat.

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