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4 unusual types of yoga you've never heard of

As yoga gains more and more popularity every year, there has been a trend recently of strange variations of yoga popping up seemingly weekly.

While yoga purists strongly deny that many of these are yoga at all and that the ancient practice should not be altered, you never know, some of these might just be your thing!

Beer or gin yoga

Pretty much what it says on the tin, this workout involved practicing yoga, often in a brewery or distillery, with a refreshing beer or gin by your side. Thirsty? Refresh yourself between flows with the refreshing sip of your favourite beverage. You like yoga right? You like gin? Why not mix the two!

Along a similar vein, Cannabis yoga has seen a growing popularity in areas where it is legal such as states in the US and Canada.

Nude yoga or Noga

If getting naked is your jam, Noga could be for you. Said to be particularly invigorating, naked yoga involves performing yoga in just your birthday suit - no £90 yoga pants needed! There are studios which offer this or simply find your favourite outdoor spot to get into flow.

Tantrum yoga

Tantrum yoga starts with a nice relaxing tantrum, shouting, screaming and stomping to your heart's content. This is then said to bring on a heightened sense of calm.

Go on, let it all out!

Goat yoga

This is one weird variant has made headlines around the world recently. This variation involves doing yoga outside in an enclosure with live goats who roam around you as you practice. The goats snuggle up, climb or your back or just frolic around you - what's not to love. The calming effect of animals is said to make goat yoga particularly relaxing and effective at relieving stress.

Dog yoga is a similar vibe with a slightly more domestic animal getting involved.


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